You want to become a volunteer for Elephant Haven?
Welcome! There are still fenceposts to be erected, plus all sorts of other chores.
As a volunteer, you will be able to make a much appreciated and important contribution to this project.

It is too early for us to employ paid staff, like animal keepers for instance. There is still too much work to be done in establishing the place for which we look forward to working with you, our wonderful volunteers.

Info for volunteers of Elephant Haven
More and more people are offering their help as volunteers. We are extremely grateful as Elephant Haven can only be maintained with your support.

Good to know:

  • Facilities on the ground are still basic.

  • We invite you to organise your own meals and overnight stay. We are not able to provide board and lodging, nor can we accommodate campervans.

  • We can give you information about lodgings near Elephant Haven.

  • If you are able to stay for a longer period, please let us know. We can organise a trial period so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you.

  • There is no wifi - on the plus side, you will fully enjoy the beauty and calm of nature! Wifi is mostly available at all the lodgings we can suggest to you (and also at the local bar).

  • When you arrive we will ask you to carefully read, fill out, and sign a certificate confirming your status as a Volunteer during your time on the Site, and which also states the Association Regulations for Volunteers.

  • A normal day volunteering usually starts around 9.30am and finishes around 5pm.

Chores we need help with:
Pruning, weeding, getting rid of brambles, general maintenance, sawing wood, gathering wood, continuing the outer perimeter fence (debarking & painting poles, digging holes, fixing poles into the ground, attaching mesh wire), removing the roof of the existing stable, cleaning the stable, sorting out tools and equipment, tending the vegetable garden, moving trees, picking fruit (depending on the season, of course), …coming up with ways of collecting funds.

In general this means hard and mostly dirty work.

For more information please contact us at info@elephanthaven.com.

You can keep track of the progress and find further info on: