Do you want to volunteer for EHEES?
Thank you for your interest! Many of you contact us to join our team as a volunteer. We are grateful for your help as the development of Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary mostly relies on the participation and support of volunteers.

The first elephants have not yet arrived at the sanctuary, but we are working behind the scenes on different files with other associations, sanctuaries and governments around the world. At this time, we are ready to receive three female elephants, and we are continuing the site expansion work.

You can therefore join us for volunteer missions and contribute significantly to the development of the sanctuary.
It would be a pleasure to welcome you to EHEES, whether you are a one-off volunteer or for regular missions.

The needs are varied and change according to the time of year. Usually, volunteers are in charge of outdoor work, which can be physical and messy!

Here are a few examples of the activities offered as part of volunteer missions: maintaining the land, pruning, weeding, strimming, removing brambles, clearing paths, sawing and collecting wood, maintaining the barns, working in the vegetable garden and the greenhouse, planting trees, picking fruits, continuing to install the fence, helping with fundraising ideas or the fundraising itself ...

Additional information
Regarding the schedules, activities start at about 9.30 am and end around 5 pm. We usually welcome volunteers from Monday to Friday, and occasionally on Saturdays. We invite you to contact us to let us know your availability in order to determine the most suitable schedule.

We would like to point out that we are not able to provide meals or offer accommodation on site (which also means we cannot receive camping cars or tents on the site). However, there are different options of lodgings around the sanctuary (lodges, campsites, guest houses...). The facilities within the sanctuary are pretty basic and Wifi is not available - which will allow you to disconnect and fully enjoy Nature!

We ask the volunteers to read, complete and sign a regulatory document attesting to the status of volunteer at the start of the mission. Failure to comply with the rules will make you fully responsible in the event of an incident and the association will be relieved from all liability.

Would you like to know more about volunteer mission at EHEES? Feel free to contact us at info@elephanthaven.com. We would be delighted to hear from you!