Elephant 1

Why elephant haven?

  • More and more countries in Europe are banning wild animals in circuses.

  • There are more than 100 elephants in circuses in Europe.

  • Where to place them? We want to help because relocating them back to their country of origin is not always possible, creating a safe „Haven” for them is possible.

  • There is no place for elephants to retire in Europe.

Elephant 2

Our mission

  • Offering elephants a place to retire.

  • The resocialization and rehabilitation of elephants.

  • Providing information and researching elephants and their complex needs and behaviour.

  • Thinking along and contributing to a world of respect and protection for elephants and their habitat.

Elephant 3

Our principles

  • Elephant Haven is a place with respect for animals, humans and nature.

  • The elephants at Elephant Haven are provided with a safe haven for the rest of their lives.

  • The elephants should not be chained.

  • Restraints will not be used.

  • The contact between the caregivers and the elephants is based on „protected contact”.

  • Elephant Haven will not breed the animals.

  • When making decisions we take the environment and nature into account as much as possible.

  • Sustainability is central to Elephant Haven during the construction and daily operations.

  • Volunteers and visitors have no direct contact with the elephants.