We are happy to present you our Foster Program for Gandhi, Europe’s first retired elephant to sanctuary.

For 45€ you can be a foster parent to Gandhi for a whole year, with the possibility to renew if you wish.

By doing so, you help us to take care of her and become part of her Elephant Haven family!
To thank you, you will receive your personal foster certificate by email.

Please email with the name you’d like on your certificate, recipient email address, and we will send you the details for your preferred payment method.***

Thank you.

***Please do not worry if you do not receive an answer from us immediately. It can sometimes take a few days since Melina, in addition to her volunteer work for EHEES, also has a full-time job. Your application to foster has not been forgotten and will be handled as soon as possible.

On behalf of Gandhi, we thank you for your understanding.