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Necessary materials and tools

Cultivation Equipment:

Trailer                                       Farm tractor                      Electric generator

Concrete-mixer                           Telehandler                       Digger

Gardening Tools:

Chainsaw                                  Brush Cutter                      Self-propelled lawn mower

Lawn mower tractor                    Firewood Cutting saw          Wood cleaver

Chopper                                    Auger                               Axe, hatchet

Rattle                                       Pickaxe                             Shovels

Loppers                                    Wheelbarrows


Workshop Tools:

Powercutter with diamond blades for steel /concrete 

Impact Drill                           Angle Grinder small 125mm      Large Angle Grinder

Cordless screwdriver drill        Buzz saw                                Tilting saw

Planer                                  Dremel tool                            Chalk Cord

Breaker                                MIG welding station or baget     Set ring, flat wrenches

Files metal, wood                   Screwdrivers PZ P Plat             Pliers, electricity

Pliers, water and gas              Shears                                   Socket Set 1/4 3/8 and 1/2

Drills for wood, metal, stone    Saw wood                              Yard Crayons

Hacksaw                               Hammers                               Hearing protection

Eye Protection                       Yard Helmets                           Work Gloves

Extension ladder                    Welding Helmet                        Welding Gloves

Tape measurers 3m                Tape measurer 20m                  Tape measurer 100m

Tuck Meter                                                  


Screws from 20 to 200mm     Nails from 20 to 200mm            Nuts and bolts 6, 8, 10, 12mm

Washers                             Electrical extension cords           Trestles

Rainwatercontainers IBC, 500-1000l    Walkie Talkie set

How your donation will be used: 

€10-€500/ 10$-550$ / 10£- 400£

Thermal Imager Camera, pedicure set, ladder, shovels, wheelbarrows, loppers, chainsaw, drill, working materials, brush cutter, chopper, medical supplies, protection clothes, material for construction fence , material for training , cleaning products, garden hoses , hammers, screwdrivers, trees to plant...

€500/550$ /400£

Concrete mixer / Generator

€1500/1700$ / 1200£

Stock trailer / Welding station

€3500/3900$ / 2700£

11 used steel pipes 12m (39,3feet) lengths, good for elephant fencing 100m vertical pipes outside enclosure

€5000/5500$ / 3900£

Used mini tractor / Tunnel for hay stockage

€8000/9000$ / 6200£

Refrigeration unit 240cmx420cm / 95”x165”

€10,000/11,000$ / 7.750£

650 chestnut pickets and mesh wire for 29 hectares ( 72 acres) people fence

€15,000/16,700$ / 12.000£

Movable gantry crane with block 5 ton / Nutrition for 1 elephant for 1 year / Second hand big tractor / 1 elephant transport to Elephant Haven (depends where she comes from)

€18,000/20,000$ / 14.000£

Used multifunctional telehandler

€22,500/25,000$ / 17.500£

Used steel pipes, good for elephant fencing  horizontal pipes outside enclosure.

€25,000/28000$ / 20.000£

Video for monitoring the elephants in and outside / X-ray machine / Creating a mobile system to hang hoist to lift elephants.

€28,500/31,000$ / 22.000£

88 Used vertical steel pipes covering 800meter ( 2625 feet) of elephant fence ( 1st fase) and nightpaddock

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