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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Elephant Haven opt for Protected Contact?

Protected Contact, in this system there is always a protective barriere of some type between caregiver and elephant. The elephants have the freedom to choose themselves whether they want to participate or not.

What happens to elephants that are used to Free Contact?

The wellbeing of the elephants is our main concern. Therefore, a plan will be written out for each individual that will guide the elephant into a protected contact system. The transition to protected contact takes place under observation and the free will of the elephants will be taken into consideration.

Does Elephant Haven chain the elephants?

No. Only in cases where elephants need to be transported, we might consider the use of chains to ensure the safety of both animals and people.

Will Elephant Haven breed with the elephants?

No. Elephant Haven focuses on older elephants. 

What if an elephant breaks loose?

The safety of both animals and people needs to be guaranteed at all times. This means that everything will be done to prevent elephants from escaping. In the unfortunate event that an elephant manages to escape, the emergency plan goes into effect. Employees of Elephant Haven will be trained to use a tranquilizer gun.

Is there veterinary assistance available for the elephants?

The animals are under constant supervision of veterinarians.

What do the elephants eat and where does their food come from?

The diet of the elephants consists mainly of hay and branches, complemented with vegetables, fruit and food supplements. In order to provide the freshest food and to minimize the environmental impact, such as pollution from transport, Elephant Haven wants to purchase locally produced items as much as possible.

Does Elephant Haven work with volunteers?

Elephant Haven is a non-profit organisation that depends on donations and sponsorships. That is why we rely on volunteers. Volunteers have no direct contact with the elephants. Besides taking care of the elephants, there are other jobs that need to be done, such as administration concerning animal, staff and financial issues, working in the vegetable garden, general maintenance, communication, fund raising and rescue. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here.

How many elephants can Elephant Haven house?

Elephant Haven wants to help as many elephants as possible, but only if we can offer them the best possible care and living conditions.

Will Elephant Haven also be providing shelter for bulls, Asian and African elephants?

The acceptance of an elephant will always be judged per individual case and if necessary discussed with the advisory board. Elephant Haven intends to receive Asian as well as African elephants. Receiving bulls, male elephants, requires very complex and species-specific care. That will be done in consultation with the advisory board.

Will African and Asian elephants be kept separated from one another?

African and Asian elephants live separate lives of course. This situation also requires to be judged on an individual, case–by-case basis. When for instance an African and Asian elephant have been living together for years and have formed a bond, then we will most likely choose not to interfere and to allow these animals to continue living together.

Does Elephant Have play an educational role?

Elephant Haven wants to contribute to the world with consciousness of man, animal and its environment. Elephant Haven offers a modest education and visitor space. Here, visitors can learn more about the shelter, the elephants, the natural behavior, the problems elephants are facing and their natural habitat.

How does Elephant Haven raise the necessary funds?

Elephant Haven is entirely dependent on donations and sponsorships. Click here to support our work by making a donation.

Is Elephant Haven involved in possible reintroductions of elephants into the wild?

When it is possible to safely reintroduce an elephant into the wild and it benefits the welfare of the individual animal, Elephant Haven is more than willing to cooperate provided that the elephant is protected and the reintroduction is carefully monitored.

Does Elephant Haven also work together with other organizations?

Elephant Haven likes to work together with other organizations and experts to provide the best possible care for the elephants, to keep the organization healthy, to share knowledge, to learn from each other and to support each other. Two know more than one.

How will the energy supply be regulated?

Elephant Haven attaches great importance to the environment and would like to handle it as carefully as possible. Heating the stables will cost the most energy and we want to use a sustainable energy source. Examples include solar energy ,heat sources and pellet stoves.

How much does an elephant eat and drink?

An elephant drinks an average of 100 to 150 liters of water and eats about 100 kilo of food per day.

What is the annual cost to keep an elephant?

The cost of an elephant depends mainly on the health of the elephant and the total occupation number of the shelter. The average cost of an elephant is around € 100.000 a year. 

Does Elephant Haven also provide shelter for other animals?

No. Elephant Haven focuses specifically on elephants.

Where do the elephants come from?

Elephant Haven wants to offer a place for elephants from zoo's and circusses. 

What is Elephant Haven currently working on?

Elephant Haven Timeline

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Where do the donations go?

Every euro, dollar or pound that is raised is used exclusively for the Elephant Haven project. All magnificent assistance we receive is purely voluntary, as is our work . In any case, we are bound by strict non profit rules and regulations and no member of the Elephant Haven working team would compromise those regulations.

What will happen with the money if Elephant Haven do not succeed?

If Elephant is not realized ,the statutes stipulates that all our raised funds will be donated to a similar project.

If you need more details, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In the meantime, we’re hard at work and we thank you for your support, your understanding and your trust.

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