Bracelets Elephant Haven Bracelets
Many different colours available!
€2,00 (postal charges not included)
You can order these at info@elephanthaven.com

La Pimparola La Pimparola Bijoux et Cadeaux
We here at La Pimparola Bijoux et Cadeaux are pleased to announce we are stocking a range of elephant print fabric bags, scarves and also jewellery especially in support of Elephant Haven.
We are based in France not far from the charity headquarters.
2 euros from every item sold will go direct to the charity.
Our fabrics, scarves and jewellery are sourced worldwide and our range of elephant themed fabric comes from Thailand.
Why not treat yourself and also support this wonderful charity!

Facebook: La Pimparola
Website: www.lapimparola.com

Chalk-Board Unique, hand-crafted chalkboards
Classic wood boards €20,00 or magnetic €25,00 in the shape of an elephant or in any other shape you'd like.
5 euros from each sale goes to the Elephant Haven!

Website: www.suze-art.com